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An announcement from the Friends of Fandom / Houston Science Fiction Association, the friendly folks who bring you ApolloCon:

We're thrilled about our great guest lineup for ApolloCon 2011, to be held June 24 through 26, 2011 at the DoubleTree Houston Intercontinental Airport. And although we are in the middle of planning this year's ApolloCon, it's also the time of year we start thinking about next year's Apollocon, and the first item on that agenda is to select a nominee to be the Con Chair.

The Con Chair's duties include selecting the department heads for ApolloCon, inviting local guests, presiding over meetings of the ApolloCon Committee, and generally being responsible for the operation of ApolloCon.

The details about how it all works are as follows:

Eligibility for Nominating and Voting:

Anyone who has attended at least three ApolloCon meetings or functions in the last year is eligible to submit nominations and/or vote at the meeting. Eligible functions include regular ApolloCon Committee meetings, which are open to the public, working an ApolloCon room party at another con, and ApolloCon 2010.


If you know someone who is willing and able to perform the duties of the Chair for 2012, send a nomination to Include a brief statement why you think this person would do a great job. Submit your nominations no later than 5:00 PM, Friday, May 13, 2011.

The Selection Meeting:

The selection of the Chair for ApolloCon 2012 will tentatively take place on Saturday, May 14, 2011. Details to be announced.

An officer or board member of the Corporation (HSFA/FOF) will chair the selection meeting. Those nominated should express their acceptance of the nomination, and their willingness and intention to serve as Chair. There will be a period for discussion and statements by candidates, followed by a secret ballot.


Those present and eligible will vote, and the name of the candidate with a majority of the votes cast will be submitted to the President of the Corporation for consideration and approval.

Voting by Proxy:

If you cannot attend the meeting, and you want your vote to count, select someone that you know will be attending the Selection Meeting and send with them a signed letter designating that person your proxy. The proxy will be able to cast votes on your behalf.

If you have any questions, send email to

I encourage you to visit our website, get your memberships, attend our committee meetings and help out! It's fun to interact with other fans, and we like to have fun!

Remember: It's your ApolloCon!


Mark B. Hall
HSFA / Friends of Fandom
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Now is your opportunity to have your voice heard regarding ApolloCon 2012 Guests of Honor! Submit nominations in any of the following categories (Please limit your nominations to no more than one per category!):

Author Guest of Honor
Artist Guest of Honor
Editor Guest of Honor
Science Guest of Honor
Music Guest of Honor
Fan Guest of Honor
??? Guest of Honor or Special Guest (Submit your own category)

If you are reading this, you are eligible to submit nominations. Send your nominations directly to Nominations will not be considered official unless submitted to the email address above.

In your email, submit the name of the person you are nominating, the category in which you are nominating them, and a brief explanation of why you think they would be a great guest for ApolloCon 2012. If you have their contact information, please include it as well. (But please don’t post contact information to any public forum.)

Please submit your nominations by 5:00 PM, Friday May 13. Voting for Guests of Honor will take place in a few days, at a special meeting of the ApolloCon Committee. Be prepared to attend and lobby for your favorites before the vote!

As noted above, anyone can submit nominations, but to be eligible to vote, you must have attended at least three ApolloCon Committee meetings or events in the last year. (Eligible events include ApolloCon 2010 or working an ApolloCon room party at an out-of-town con.) If you need clarification about voting eligibility, send email to the above address.


Mark B. Hall
HSFA / Friends of Fandom
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Just a quick reminder to folks that we're coming up to the next increase in the pre-reg rate for ApolloCon 2011.

Current rate for adult three-day is $30 until May 1st. $35 after. $40 at the door.

See our registration page for information about other rates.
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ApolloCon 2011 Guest of Honor Martha Wells will sign and discuss her new book, The Cloud Roads, in Houston on Saturday April 30. The signing is scheduled for 4:30pm at Murder by the Book on Bissonnet.

Martha says "if you can't be there, you can call or email the store to order signed copies."

That's tomorrow, folks!

For more information check the events listing on the Murder by the Book website.
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ApolloCon 2011 is very pleased to announce that B. E. Johnson has agreed to be our Artist Guest of Honor.

B. E. Johnson is an air & space artist, production designer and futurist. His career has included stints with Kodak, Penske Racing, the Strasenburgh Planetarium, and four Space Shuttle Ground Crew assignments.

For more information about B. E. Johnson, please see his bio on his website.

ApolloCon 2011 will take place June 24-26 2011 in Houston Texas.

For more information about ApolloCon 2011 visit
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ApolloCon 2011 is very pleased to announce that Martha Wells has agreed to be our Guest of Honor.

Martha Wells is a native Texan and a graduate of Texas A&M University. She is the author of eleven novels, as well as a number of short stories and nonfiction articles. Her books have been published in seven languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Dutch. She has been nominated for the Nebula Award, the Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award, the Crawford Award and the Imaginales.

Her newest fantasy novel, The Cloud Roads, is published by Night Shade Books (March 2011), and the sequel, The Serpent Sea, will be out in 2012.

For more information about Martha Wells, please see her bio on our website.

ApolloCon 2011 will take place June 24-26 2011 in Houston Texas.

For more information about ApolloCon 2011 visit
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These are the last days to pre-reg at $25 for ApolloCon 2011!

Our pre-reg rate increases to $30 after January 1 2011.

To register online or to get a mail-in form, visit the Registration page of our website!
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ApolloCon 2011 is pleased to announce Ann VanderMeer as our Editor GoH.

Ann is the award-winning  Editor-in-Chief of  Weird Tales and the founder of Buzzcity Press.  She has won a Rhysling Award, a British Fantasy Award, and her work on Weird Tales has earned her a Hugo Award.

We are thrilled to have Ann joining us in Houston for ApolloCon 2011!
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ApolloCon 2011 is pleased to announce long-time Wisconsin fan Jeanne Gomoll as our Fan GoH.

Jeanne is a designer and artist whose fannish career encompasses fanzines, Hugo nominations, international travel as a TAFF winner, chairing CorFlu (the fanzine con), chairing Wiscon (the feminist SF con in Madison, Wisconsin), and working with the James Tiptree, Jr. Award since its inception.

We look forward to making Jeanne welcome in Houston!
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Our Friday night party was a hoot and a half, enlivened by London in 2014's mini-party, adding cream scones & Pimm's to our traditional Jell-O shots and Lemon Blossoms.

Come on by and see us at our Fan Table or join us at our Saturday night party at 9pm, room 2056!
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It's time to gear up for ApolloCon 2011!

ApolloCon 2011 will have its kickoff meeting on Saturday, September 25th at Central Market from noon to 3pm. If you are interested in working on the convention, come on out and join us!

Our October meeting reverts back to our normal 3rd Saturday slot. We'll be meeting on Saturday, October 16, from noon to 3pm at Central Market.  

If you have any questions, please email Katy Pace, the ApolloCon 2011 chair, at conchair.2011

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Just a quick reminder to folks that the extra-early pre-reg rate of $20 for the adult weekend membership for ApolloCon 2011 ends today.

The regular pre-reg rate of $25 for the adult weekend membership begins tomorrow, September 2nd.

See more information and register online at our registration page.
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ApolloCon 2011 website now live! Check it out!
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ApolloCon 2011 is starting to roll!

First promo parties Friday & Saturday nights at ArmadilloCon.

See us there!
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ApolloCon 2010
June 25-27, 2010
Houston, Texas

Catherine Asaro (GoH)
Keith Thompson (Art GoH)
Dave Weingart (Music GoH)
Pat Virzi (Fan GoH)
Rob Balder (Special Guest)

Also Attending: Paul Abell, Lou Antonelli, Michael Bracken, David Carren, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Bill Crider, Scott Cupp, Rhonda Eudaly, Melanie Miller Fletcher, Larry Friesen, Kimberly Frost, Bennie Grezlik, Teddy Harvia, K. Hutson Price, Rocky Kelley, Julie Kenner, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Alexis Glynn Latner, Stina Leicht, Julia Mandala, A. Lee Martinez, C. J. Mills, Cathey Osborne, Lawrence Person, Patrice Sarath, Rie Sheridan Rose, Lee Thomas, Kathy Thornton & Derly Ramirez, II, Victory, Mel. White, Donald Wolcott

See more details and further updates on who's coming! We've updated our Guest Page!

Pre-reg $35 until end of pre-reg; $40 at door. Other rates (student, youth, etc.) and more registration information on our Registration page.
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If you haven't booked a hotel room for ApolloCon 2010, now's the time!

Our hotel is once again the lovely DoubleTree Houston Intercontinental Airport, near Bush Intercontinental Airport. Our special room rate is still the same low $85+tax as last year, single through quad occupancy (deluxe and suites are somewhat higher).

Some features of our hotel:
* Tropical Courtyard with Pool
* Plenty of FREE parking
* Workout room for hotel guests
* Derricks Saloon in the hotel (Bar)
* Taco Bell within walking distance to hotel
* The Kettle just across the street

To best ensure that you get a room at our rate, please book by June 3 if at all possible. Be sure to specify if you want quiet or party floor.

For more information about the hotel and booking a room, including directions, all rates, hotel contact information, and online reservation link, check the hotel page on our website.

If you are not sure about booking a room, read our Why should I book a room? section.

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations are handled using a computerized system that gets confused by the way cons work. If you have any problems with getting our room rate or if you are told our room block is "sold out" please do one of the following:
Contact our Hotel Liaison immediately by email at
Make the reservation anyway at the higher rate and send an email with your confirmation number to our Hotel Liaison at

The Hotel Liaison will Fix Everything. Because he can... Well, almost everything.

If you are unsure that your reservations is properly associated with ApolloCon, please let the Hotel Liaison know.
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Braaiiinnssss!! Braaaaiiinnss!! We want to pick your BRAAIINNNSSS!!!!

ApolloCon 2010 is getting close, and the Programming Team is in the process of building this year's schedule. Now, we have some amazing things planned, but we're always looking for new ideas.

Every year, we try to put on a balanced program which honors our core focus: science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Of course, we also want to talk about how they intersect with our daily lives through everything from scientific research and discoveries to our fannish pursuits in art, music, gaming, media, and costuming. And then, there is our Geek Track, for all of those other little obsessions that make life fun(chocolate, Scotch, gadgetry...). It's just one big Venn diagram of awesome!

And here is where you come in. We believe that good programming is of the people, for the people and by the people. What do you want to talk about? What's the latest book, gadget, or game that's caught your eye? What's the best spec fic movie you've seen this year?

We're looking for ideas for panels, demos, concerts, games, lectures, workshops, tastings, and readings. And if you have an idea that doesn't fit in with those, go ahead and send it in. There is no such thing as a bad idea!

To submit your idea for a programming topic, please visit our website, You can submit your ideas with our handy electronic brainstorming form, which is chock-full of the information we need to make your ideas come to life. If you have any questions, please contact us at

So roll on ApolloCon 2010! We think this may be our best year yet!

ApolloCon 2010
Programming Team
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The first announcement of our confirmed 2010 LARPs has been posted to our LARP page.

More info to follow, so be sure to check back!
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ApolloCon 2010 is pleased to announce that our Writers Workshop will be coordinated by author Patrice Sarath.

The workshop is an opportunity for writers to learn critique skills and hone their craft. The workshop is free to ApolloCon members, however space is limited and interested writers should apply in advance. The deadline for workshop applications is June 13, 2010.

All workshop details can be found on the ApolloCon 2010 website.

Deadline: June 13, 2010
Word count:5,000 words
Send RTF files to: Writers Workshop Coordinator - writers_workshop dot 2010 at
What to send: First chapter of your unpublished novel or complete short story.
Genres: Science fiction/fantasy/horror as well as young adult in those genres.

If you are serious about improving your writing to take it to the next level, please send in your work. This year the workshop will focus on selling to genre markets, with an emphasis on revising and presenting your work professionally.

The workshop will consist of your fellow workshoppers and at least one professional writer. Work should be as polished as possible before you submit. Each piece will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed.

The workshop will be held 9am-12pm Saturday June 26 2010. Participants must have valid ApolloCon 2010 membership by workshop start time.

Please e-mail the workshop coordinator if you have any questions.
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ApolloCon 2009 is over and we had a blast!

Watch this space for information on ApolloCon 2010!


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