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Friends of Fandom/Houston Science Fiction Association is saddened by the death of Candace Pulleine, long-time Houston fan, past President and Director Emeritus of FoF/HSFA, founder of RevelCon, and ApolloCon 2012 Fan Guest of Honor.

Candace was a great fan with a great heart, and a huge love for SF, media, fandom, and the creative work of fans in all media. Her efforts on behalf of the fandom community in Houston spanned decades, and included organizations, publications, and cons. She was widely known and was widely loved.

The impact and influence that Candace had on Houston fandom is both wide and deep; it cannot be overestimated. Her passing is a loss to many individuals, and to many of the communities that make up Houston Fandom. Although her state of health prevented her from being as involved as she would have liked, Candace nevertheless was influential in the creation of ApolloCon, and we were excited about honoring her as our Fan Guest this year.

We will miss Candace. Our thoughts are with her friends and family at this sad time. Although she will not be there with us, we will honor her spirit and carry on in the organization of which she was a such a key part.


Mark B. Hall
Friends of Fandom/HSFA


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