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If you haven't booked a hotel room for ApolloCon 2011, now's the time!

Our hotel is once again the lovely DoubleTree Houston Intercontinental Airport, near Bush Intercontinental Airport. Our special room rate is still the same low $85+tax as last year, single through quad occupancy (deluxe and suites are somewhat higher).

Some features of our hotel:
* Tropical Courtyard with Pool
* Plenty of FREE parking
* Workout room for hotel guests
* Derricks Saloon in the hotel (Bar)
* Taco Bell within walking distance to hotel
* The Kettle just across the street

To best ensure that you get a room at our rate, please book soon! Be sure to specify if you want quiet or party floor.

For more information about the hotel and booking a room, including directions, all rates, hotel contact information, and online reservation link, check the hotel page on our website.

If you are not sure about booking a room, read our Why should I book a room? section.

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations are handled using a computerized system that gets confused by the way cons work. If you have any problems with getting our room rate or if you are told our room block is "sold out" please do one of the following:
Contact our Hotel Liaison immediately by email at
Make the reservation anyway at the higher rate and send an email with your confirmation number to our Hotel Liaison at

If you are unsure that your reservations is properly associated with ApolloCon, please let the Hotel Liaison know.

(And if you are running parties, be sure to check the party section on the hotel page!)
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